El Diablo

El Diablo
Dex:   7   Str:   4   Body:    5
Int:   7   Will:  6   Mind:    6
Infl:  6   Aura:  5   Spirit:  6
Initiative: 22  Hero Points:  60

Skills: *linked
Acrobatics: 7*
Charisma: 6*
Detective: 7*
Martial Artist: 7*
Military Science (Tracking): 7*
Thief: 7*
Vehicles (Land): 7*

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Dos Rios, Texas); Connections: Dos Rios City Hall (High), Street (High); Intensive Training; Iron Nerves; Popularity; Scholar (Law, Spanish Language); Miscellaneous: El Diablo Mystique: -CS Bonus to OV of attempts to intimidate residents of Dos Rios.

Drawbacks: Secret Identity

Alter Ego: Rafael Sandoval
Motivation: Seeking Justice
Occupation: City Councilman
Wealth: 7

KEVLAR VEST [Body: 6] Limitation: Only usable against gunfire.

CUSTOMIZED MOTORCYCLE [Str: 4, Body: 6, Running: 7, R#: 2]

MEMBERS OF LOS DIABLOS (see separate page)

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition; Atlas of the DC Universe, page 22

Ed's Notes: Took me a while to make the connection between THIS GUY and the Suicide Squad Movie. (Hence why he's indexed with the Suicide Squad, despite not having a Connection Advantage.) BTW, are those henna tattoo's? (Or sharpee?) Because otherwise, it shouldn't take too long for people to figure out his Secret Identity!

The Who's Who lists some details of just a couple of the Motorcycle stunts he might use:

Attacking from moving motorcycle: Uses the cycle's Running Power as EV. After attack must make a successful Vehicles check against 4/4 (Difficult) to avoid falling off the bike. If he falls, both he and the Bike are attacked 7/7 (Running) against their Body/Body.

Jumping over an obstacle: Requires successful Vehicles check against: 4/4 (Difficult) for a 5' gap, 6/6 (Strenuous) for a 10' Gap, 8/8 (Extreme) for a 15 ' Gap, and 10/10 (Pushing the Limit) for a 20' Gap. Cannot jump farther without a ramp. Use of a ramp grants up to -3 CS Bonus to OV/RV, depending on the ramp's size and quality. A note on the Los Diablos gang: He did not recruit them. This is an impromptu band of followers, of varying competence, who are as interested in uncovering his secrets as they are in helping fight crime. So he occasionally views them as much a liability as an advantage.

2nd Edition (ADCU) grants him 85 hero Points; omits the Kevlar Vest, Member of Los Diablos and that Miscellaneous Advantage about residents of Dos Rios; gives him the Guilt drawback; include "Former Public Defender" under his occupation and stats out his bike like this: 

CUSTOMIZED MOTORCYCLE [Str: 3, Body: 6, Running: 8, R#: 2]

(weaker but faster.)

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