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AcidBombClawsCling, Cold Immunity, Darkness, Digging, Disintegration, Electric Being, Energy Absorption, Energy Blast, Extra Limb, Flame Being, Flame Immunity, Flame Project, Flash, Flight, Fog, Force Field, Force Shield, Gliding, Glue, Growth, Hypersensitive Touch, Ice Production, Icing, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Jumping, Lightning, Mimic, Mutation, Omni-Arm, Paralysis, Poison Touch, Projectile Weapons, Running, Sealed Systems, Self Manipulation, Shade, Shrinking, Skin Armor, Snare, Solar Sustenance, Sonic Beam, Split, Stretching, Super Breath, Superspeed, Swimming, Systematic Antidote, Two-Dimensional, Vibe, Water Freedom


Adaptation, Air Control, Air Walking, Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent, Animal Mimicry, Attraction/Repulsion, Broadcast Empath, Cell Rot, Chameleon, Comprehend Languages, Continuum Control, Control, Damage Transference, Danger Sense, Density Increase, Detect, Directional Hearing, Dispersal, Earth Control, Electrical Control, Empathy, Extended Hearing, Flame Control, Fluid Form, Force Manipulation, Full Vision, Gravity Decrease, Gravity Increase, Heat Vision, Hypnotism, Ice Control, Illusion, Iron Will, Life Sense, Magnetic Control, Matter Manipulation, Mental Blast, Mental Freeze, Mental Illusion, Microscopic Vision, Mind Blank, Mind Blast, Mind Drain, Mind Field, Mind Probe, Mind Over Matter, Mind Shield, Molecular Chameleon, Neutralize, Object Awareness, Personality Transfer, Phobia, Postcognition, Power Drain, Power Reserve, Precognition, Pyrotechnics, Radar Sense, Radio Communication, Recall, Reflection/Deflection, Regeneration, Remote Sensing, Sensory Block, Shape Change, Sonar, Speak With Animals, Super Hearing, Super Ventriloquism, Suspension, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Telescopic Vision, Thermal Vision, Time Travel, Truesight, Ultra Vision, Warp, Water Control, X-Ray Vision


Air Animation, Animal Control, Animal Summoning, Animate Dead, Animate Image, Animate Objects, Aura of Fear, Awareness, Dimension Travel, Dumb Luck, Earth Animation, Enchantment, Exorcism, Eye of the Cat, Flame Animation, Ice Animation, Joined, Magic Blast, Magic Field, Magic Sense, Magic Shield, Mystic Freeze, Mystic Link, Plant Control, Plant Growth, Sorcery, Speak with Plants, Spirit Travel, Spiritual Drain, Transmutation, Vampirism, Voodoo, Water Animation, Weather Control


Omni-Power, Self-Link


Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Artist, Charisma, Detective, Gadgetry, Martial Artist, Medicine, Military Science, Occultist, Scientist, Spy, Thief, Vehicles, Weaponry


  1. Are you planning on adding the powers from Blood of Heroes as well?

    1. No, not in their entirety. When it comes to BoH... I'm fine bringing stuff over on a case by case basis, but honestly I find BoH to bring unnecessary complexity to the elegant simplicity that was DCH. There are cases that BoH fills in a gap that DCH just flat out MISSED. Because DAMN... Reading the BoH Sourcebook... It just makes my head spin. And I've devoured every single page of 2/3e DCH ever published.

      Tl;Dr: No. Only when necessary. ;)

    2. Yeah, some of the stuff they went with, I could do without, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like some of the stuff they included.

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  3. I see it that DCH cover over a 90% of everything you will find within DC Universe and DC Characters. But, perhaps including Marvel characters or even characters from other companies might need the use of inclusion of powers found in BoH. This is not a critic, just a gentle suggestion, I'm really enjoying this blog (I have it as favorite when opening my Mozilla app). I think Hulk might use Adrenaline power (perhaps, nothing really matches what Hulk can do while increasing his physical might whilev enraged).

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