3rd Edition (direct usage):

DC Heroes Role Playing Game - Third Edition
Who's Who, Volumes 1-3

2nd Edition (direct usage):

2995 Legion of Superheroes Sourcebook

Apokolips Sourcebook
Atlas of the DC Universe
Background/Roster Book
Batman Role Playing Game
Batman Sourcebook
Come On Down (Module)
In Hot Pursuit (Module)
Justice League Sourcebook
Magic Sourcebook
New Titans Sourcebook
Superman: Man of Steel Sourcebook
Swamp Thing Sourcebook
World at War Sourcebook
World in the Balance (Module)

1st Edition (adapted from):

An Element of Danger (Module)

Batman Sourcebook
Eternity, Inc. (Module)
Gamemaster's Manual
Green Lantern Sourcebook
Night in Gotham (Module)
Strangers in Paradise (Module)
Superman Sourcebook

Websites (direct usage, adapted from and alternative sources):

DC Heroes RPG Wiki
Exponential Heroes
Marvel Superheores - the MEGS Experience
MEGS DC Heroes RPG Facebook Page
Oocities Archives
Siskoid's Collection


  1. Glad to see that my Geocities pages are still being put to use. Should have found a new home for them, but maintaining was getting too time consuming.

  2. Love this site! Thank you for all your efforts!