Dex:   6   Str:   4   Body:    6
Int:   5   Will:  6   Mind:    5
Infl:  5   Aura:  3   Spirit:  5
Initiative: 16  Hero Points:  55

Growth: 12
Shrinking: 12

Artist (Actor): 7
Charisma (Persuasion): 5

Bonuses: Growth can be applied to just parts of  her body. Legs, gives her Running:6; Arms (Str: 6); Fingernails (Claws: 6); Individual Limbs (Stretching: 3); Each can be done only one at a time, and not if Growth is being used normally.

Advantages: Attractive; Connections: Doom Patrol (High), Hollywood (Low); Scholar (Tailoring)

Drawbacks:  Public Identity; Miscellaneous: The process that gave her her powers also drastically shortened her lifespan.

Alter Ego: Rita Farr-Dayton
Motivation: Unwanted Power
Occupation: Actress
Wealth: 4

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition
affiliation(s): Doom Patrol

Ed's Notes: This is not the Disney/Pixar version from The Incredibles. Duh.

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