Godiva (Hero)

Dex:   4   Str:   3   Body:    4
Int:   4   Will:  4   Mind:    4
Infl:  3   Aura:  4   Spirit:  5
Initiative: 13  Hero Points:  30

Air Control: 6
Extra Limb (Hair): 8
Gliding: 4
Stretching: 4 

Thief: 6

Limitations: Stretching only affected hair; Gliding and Air Control may only be used when hair is free; Air Control can only be used to create a wind or make a buffeting attack.

Advantages: Attractive; Connection: 

Global Guardians (High)

Drawbacks: Mistrust; Minor Irrational Fear of Scissors and object used to cut hair.

Alter Ego: Dorcas Leigh
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Hero
Wealth: 4

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition

Ed's Notes: Putting aside that her first name is "Dorcas," what's with the name GODIVA?!  She was the naked chick. Pretty sure RAPUNZEL was who they had in mind? Tangled, anyone?

Btw... This character is in no way related to the Mercenary, "Godiva," who's tangled with the New Titans.

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