Sam Simeon

Sam Simeon
Dex:   8   Str:   6   Body:    6
Int:   4   Will:  6   Mind:    6
Infl:  7   Aura:  6   Spirit:  5
Initiative: 19  Hero Points:  35

Hypnosis: 5
Jumping: 1

Acrobatics: 8
Artist: 4
Charisma: 7

Bonuses: His Hypnotism (a mental power he inherited from his Grandfather, Gorilla Grodd, allow him to automatically broadcast a low-level hypnotic suggestion that prompts anyone with a Will of 5 or less to ignore the fact that he's a half-ton Gorilla. When he is under stress, or sustains Mental or Mystical damage, this automatically falters.

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Gorilla City); Connections: Comic Book Industry (High)

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance
Alter Ego: None
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Artist
Wealth: 6

Source: Who's Who 3rd Edition
Also see: Angel O'Day

Ed's Notes: So... Lemmegethistraight... When the 3rd Edition Who's Who came out, they bothered to have one of their writers stat out fucking Angel and the Ape but not BANE?!

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