Emerald Eye

Emerald Eye
Dex:  13   Str:  22   Body:   16
Int:   5   Will: 10   Mind:   12
Infl:  8   Aura: 15   Spirit:  9
Initiative: 34  Hero Points:  75

Force Manipulation: 24
Life Sense: 65
Reflection/Deflection: 20
Empathy: 20

Limitations: Empathy will only work on symbiotic partner.

Advantages: Lightning Reflexes

Drawbacks: Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to protecting symbiotic relationship.

Alter Ego: None

Motivation: Unknown
Wealth: n/a

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition
also see: Garryn Bek - Eye Influenced, Marij'n Bek - Eye Influenced

Ed's Notes: OOOOO, I really wanna use this!


  1. I always wondered what would happen if someone replaced their actual eye with it, you know after shrinking it down

    1. I'm kind of surprised that DC didn't just make that how it worked in the first place!

    2. Salu Digby did that once. She wound up killing Gim Allon, and her attempt to resurrect him only transferred his power to her.