Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva
Dex:   9   Str:   4   Body:    5
Int:   7   Will:  7   Mind:    6
Infl:  6   Aura:  6   Spirit:  7
Initiative: 26  Hero Points:  75

Skills: *linked
Acrobatics: 9*
Detective: 7*
Martial Artist: 9*
Medicine (First Aid): 7*
Military Science: 7*
Thief: 9*
Weaponry: 9*

Advantages: Attractive; Connections: Robin (Low), Question (Low), Richard Dragon (High); Intensive Training; Iron Nerves; Lighting Reflexes; Scholar (oriental philosophy)

Drawbacks: Serious Irrational Attraction to testing her combat skills against worthy opponents

Alter Ego: Sandra Woosan

Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Mercenary / Martial Artist
Wealth: 8


Katana [Body: 8, EV: 5]

Nunchakas [Body: 2, EV: 4]

Sai [Body: 8, EV: 3] Bonus: Grants -1 CS OV Bonus to Blocks and Takeaway maneuvers against melee weapons.

Shuriken (x4) [Body: 5, EV: 2] Bonus: Can thrown up to four in a single phase and adds one to the final die roll for each addition shuriken thrown after the first. Range is equal to user Str plus gliding power.

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition; 2nd Edition Background/Roster Book, page 92

see also: Bronze Tiger

Ed's Notes: A villainous motivation, but listed with the HEROES in the Who's Who.  So could make for a very interesting anti-hero.  2nd Edition omits her connection to Robin (III) and all of her equipment.


  1. Why is her Martial Artist Linked if its not Equal to her DEX of 9?

    1. Good catch! (And THANK YOU!) Her Martial Artist is, in fact: 9*