King Snake

King Snake
Dex:   8   Str:   5   Body:    6
Int:   8   Will:  7   Mind:    8
Infl:  7   Aura:  5   Spirit:  7
Initiative: 27  Hero Points:  30

Analytical Smell: 5
Directional Hearing: 8

Skills: *linked
Acrobatics: 8*
Charisma: 7*
Detective: 4
Martial Artist: 8*
Medicine (First Aid): 3
Thief: 8*

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Hog Kong); Connections: British Aristocracy (Low), Underworld (High); Connoisseur; Intensive Training; Iron Nerves; Lightning Reflexes; Miscellaneous: Not affected by Darkness, Fog or other vision-obscuring Powers.

DrawbacksCatastrophic Physical Restriction (blind); Serious Irrational Attraction to eliminating RobinSerious Irrational Attraction to eliminating Lady Shiva; Serious Rage; Secret Identity; Traumatic Flashbacks: Relives crippling at the hand of Lady Shiva (though he blames Robin) when his plans encounter Robin

Alter Ego: Sir Edmund Dorrance
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Businessman, Crime Lord
Wealth: 15

Source: Whos' Who, 3rd Edition
Foe of: BatmanRobinLady Shiva
also see: Lynx, Ghost Dragons

Ed's Notes: Blind and it don't matter. (In fact, if you fight him in the dark, he's got the upper hand.) Has a solid Right-Hand Girl in Lynx, and some mooks that warrant their own page.

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