Lord Havok

Lord Havok
Dex:   5   Str:   4   Body:    4
Int:   8   Will:  9   Mind:    8
Infl:  7   Aura:  8   Spirit:  7
Initiative:20/25 Hero Points:100

Charisma: 8
Military Science: 7
Weaponry: 7

Advantages: Connections: The Extremists (High); Iron Nerves; Leadership

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance

Alter Ego: Unkown
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Leader of the Extremists
Wealth: 8

CYBERNETIC ARMOR [Dex: 10, Str: 18, Body: 15, Energy Absorption: 17, Power Reserve: 17] Limitations: Power Reserve enhances the suits physical attributes. Power Reserve stats at 0 AP and is fuel by AP's of Energy Absorbed. He retains this energy for 8 AP's of time. If more than 17 AP's are absorbed, then the suit overloads and the Power Reserve returns to 0.

Source: Who's Who 3rd Edition; Justice League Sourcebook, page 103
Foe of: Justice League

Ed's Notes: At full strength, his physical attributes will equal or even surpass Superman's (15/25/18).  That's... pretty cool.

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