Mad Harriet

Mad Harriet
Dex:   9   Str:   8   Body:   10
Int:   3   Will:  7   Mind:    8
Infl:  2   Aura:  4   Spirit:  7
Initiative: 21  Hero Points:  50

Acrobatics: 4
Martial Artist: 7
Weaponry: 10

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Apokolips);
Connections: Female Furies (High); Lightning Reflexes

Alter Ego: Harriet the Hag
Motivation: Psychopath
Occupation: Female Fury
Wealth: N/A

POWER SPIKES [Body: 10, EV: 15] 

Who's Who, 3rd Edition;
also see: 2nd Edition

Ed's Notes: How does she NOT have "Strange Appearance?!" Read the description: Penalty to Pursuation, Bonus to Intimidation.  Um... YEAH! I THINK THAT APPLIES! 2nd Edition is weaker in overall power level, and different on almost every stat. Lol.

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