Dex:   9   Str:   8   Body:    8
Int:  10   Will: 13   Mind:   10
Infl: 11   Aura: 10   Spirit: 10
Initiative: 32  Hero Points:  10

Directional Hearing: 3
Running: 6
Telescopic Vision: 2

Animal Handling: 7
Martial Artist: 8
Military Science (Tracking): 9
Weaponry: 10

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Themyscira); Connections: Amazons (High), Wonder Woman (High); Leadership

Drawbacks: Minor Irrational Attraction to overprotecting Diana; Miscellaneous: Hippolyta's RV against Killing Combat is only 4, but she may use her Martial Artist Skill to augment normally.

Alter Ego: None

Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: Queen of the Amazons
Wealth: 10

Source: Who's Who 3rd Edition
Also see: 2nd Edition

Ed's Notes: Ah... Finally another opportunity for a beautiful Alex Ross rendering.  I must also say Connie Nielsen's portrayal in both the Wonder Woman and Justice League films was spot on.  Hugely nerfed in 2nd Edition.

BTW... The DC Heroes source material spells her name "Hippolyte," but everywhere else I see it spelled the way I have it here.  

First Appearance: All Star Comics #8 (December, 1941)

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