Dex:   6    Str:   4  Body:    5
Int:   4    Will:  4  Mind:    4
Infl:  4    Aura:  4  Spirit:  4
Initiative: 14  Hero Points:  25

Cold Immunity: 5
Icing: 5
Ice Production: 7

Advantages: Connection: Masters of Disaster (High)

Drawbacks: Serious Irrational Attraction to Heatstroke; Attack Vulnerability: -4 Column Shifts versus heat.

Alter Ego: Darrel
Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Mercenary
Wealth: 4

Source: 2nd Edition  Background/Roster Book, page 85
foe of: The Outsiders

Ed's Notes: So... This guys a sub, right? I mean... Big crush on a girl made out of his Kryptonite? I mean... We knows who's going to be wearing the pants there, so to speak, am I right?  

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