Doctor Fate III

Doctor Fate III
Dex:   7    Str:   4  Body:    9
Int:  10    Will: 11  Mind:   10
Infl: 13    Aura: 16  Spirit: 16
Initiative: 30  Hero Points: 100

Occultist: 7

Advantages: Insta-Change; Iron Nerves

Drawbacks: Married; Secret Identity

Alter Ego: Inza Cramer Nelson

Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: Sorcerer
Wealth: 6


MYSTIC HELMET [Body: 9, Int: 10, Will: 11, Mind: 10, Infl: 13, Aura: 16, Spirit: 16, Awareness: 7, Flight: 10, Invulnerability: 15, Magic Sense: 10, Sorcery: 28] 

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition; 

also see: 2nd Edition

Ed's Notes: The latest Doctor Fate, as of the 3rd Edition of DCH.  Not as powerful as Dr. Fate I, but a considerable upgrade form Dr. Fate III.  The Magic Sourcebook stats out this character very differently, and just slightly nerfed, though still a step up from II/II
½.  But... Why no: Advantage: Connection: Lords of Order (High)?

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  1. Inza was on the outs with the Lords of Order at this time. It turned out her helm had been coopted by an unnamed Chaos Lord, and he was powering her for, in my opinion dumb reasons. But, hey, chaos.