Dex:   4    Str:  11  Body:    9
Int:   3    Will:  6  Mind:    5
Infl:  4    Aura:  4  Spirit:  6
Initiative: 11  Hero Points:  35

Earth Control: 12
Skin Armor: 4

Advantages: Connection: Masters of Disaster (High)

Drawbacks: Serious Irrational Attraction to Windfall

Alter Ego: Unknown
Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Mercenary
Wealth: 4

Source: 2nd Edition  Background/Roster Book, pages 86
foe of: The Outsiders

Ed's Notes: The muscle of the group.  Good support character, good tank. (At least as far as these guys are concerned.) Too bad they never saw fit to stat out Windfall, huh? Complete the team? Show the one he's so hung up on? Kind of annoying, Mayfair. Just sayin'!

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