Shaligo the Flying Finback

Shaligo the Flying Finback
Dex:  11   Str:  14   Body:   13
Int:   5   Will:  8   Mind:    7
Infl:  6   Aura:  3   Spirit:  9
Initiative: 24  Hero Points:  55

Flight: 11
Invulnerability: 13
Water Freedom: 11

Martial Artist: 9
Weaponry: 8

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Apokolips); Connection: Apokolips (Low)

Alter Ego: None
Motivation: Psychopath
Occupation: Servant of Darkseid
Wealth: n/a

Source: Apokolips Sourcebook, page 18
affiliation(s): Deep Six

Ed's Notes: Underwater, the Deep Six could team up and hold their own against anyone including Superman.  Suffices to say, Aquaman would be screwed swimming around in Apokolips' waters.

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