Dex:  10   Str:  16   Body:   13
Int:   6   Will:  9   Mind:    9
Infl:  7   Aura:  4   Spirit:  9
Initiative: 25  Hero Points:  65

Disintegration: 18
invulnerability: 13
Mutation: 9
Water Freedom: 10

Martial Artist: 11
Weaponry: 10

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Apokolips); Connection: Apokolips (Low)

Alter Ego: None
Motivation: Psychopath
Occupation: Servant of Darkseid
Wealth: n/a

Source: Apokolips Sourcebook, page 18
affiliation(s): Deep Six

Ed's Notes: Underwater, Slig could hold his own against anyone short of Superman. (And he might be arrogant enough to think he could take him on as well.)  Suffices to say, Aquaman would be screwed swimming around in Apokolips' waters.

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