Dex:   4   Str:   3   Body:    4
Int:   4   Will:  4   Mind:    4
Infl:  3   Aura:  4   Spirit:  4
Initiative: 11  Hero Points:  20

Flight: 10
Force Field: 8
Telekinesis: 8

Artist (Writer): 3
Charisma (Persuation): 5
Thief (Locks): 5 

Bonus: Force Field usable on others. Treat unwilling targets as a Grappling attack, using AP's of Force Field vs. Dex/Str. Positive RAP's places the target within a bubble with a Body of 8. Once inside, objects within the Field move as if subject to her Telekinesis Power as well; The Bubble may be used at a battering ram, in a Charging Attack in conjunction with Flight or separately with AV/EV equal to AP's of  Telekinesis and Force Field Respectively.

Limitations: Telekinesis only works on the Force Field itself; Cannot Shield herself if Force Field has been used on another - can only create one Field at a time;  Thief Skill only usable in conjunction with Telekinesis and Force Field Powers.

Advantages: Connections: Harbinger Foundation (High, early in career only), The Renegades (High, after leaving Harbinger), Unity (Low); Scholar (fantasy and science fiction literature)

Drawbacks: Secret Identity

Alter Ego: Faith Herbert, "Summer Smith"
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Journalist
Wealth: 3

Source: Original/Adapted from Valiant Comics

Ed's Notes: First I said I'd wait to do any 1st Editions stuff until I was done with 2nd and 3rd. But then I did Super-girl and later Silver Scarab.  I'd also said that I wouldn't adapt any non-published characters until I was done, but the Crime Syndicate caught my attention and I just had to.  And I TRULY had no intention on adapting non-DC properties, but then Valiant Comics' Zephyr came back to my attention and, well...?

This my first take on the character. I am absolutely interested in getting feedback, if anyone knows the character better than I do. (Which should be everyone who knows the character.)  I will be the first to admit that this was  pretty much a shot in the dark. BUT, to make up for some truly questionable (at best) "Ed's Notes" on my part on the Aquagirl post, I thought I'd make good on my statement there that this character intrigued me, and that I wanted to adapt her for DCH.  She's kept relatively low powered but, as I say, I'm not an expert on the character so if I'm way of base, please let me know and I will adjust.

One thing, and I must be crystal clear on this... If you want debate in the comments section about "unhealthy lifestyles" and how characters like this "encourage obesity" or whatever, let me be clear: I am NOT interested. Seriously. I take a hard line on this, and will not brook criticisms of Body Positivism from people who don't actually understand what it is or why it's needed. Bottom line? HATERS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. If that loses me a few readers? So be it. Because HATERS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. This will be your only warning: I won't say it again.

First Appearance: Harbinger #1 (January 1992)


  1. Questions, as I'm only familiar with her solo series:

    Where do you deduce the Dex of 5 from? That seems pretty high agent level and I wouuld think you would add a CS mod on her flight for her to use it as RV vs getting hit while flying instead.

    A comment on Charisma Skill: How come you hadn't limited it to persuasion? In the comics I've read she doesn't seem all that intimidating.

    What is her point total?

    1. Hey, thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear from someone who's actually familiar with the character! To answer your LAST question, I started with some of your suggestions...
      I lowered her Dex to 4. I didn't want to go as low as "Average Cop" (3). I assume she moves "surprisingly quick for a big girl?" Or is she more often depicted as being physically slower than average in the comics? (Also: Would Minor Physical Restriction (Overweight) be appropriate?) I also narrowed Charisma down, as you suggested. I'm not sure what you're getting at to use FLIGHT as the RV, or how/why that would work, so for now I've left that off. By my reckoning the character now shown above could be made for 585 points, or 1.3 x 450, with her Advantages and Drawbacks scaled accordingly. (And assuming I've adjusted the Factor Costs on her powers and Thief (Locks) Skill correctly.) If you have any other suggestions of input, PLEASE let me know! I'm NOT very familiar with the character myself. I just found her intriguing so I figured I'd take a stab at her. I'm definitely open to suggestions! (And it's probably worth mentioning that I see the character above as a STARTER character, one with the PC playing her could take in a number of different directions over time. So I feel like I wanted to stick to lower rating overall for that reason. But please, let me know what else you might want to see!) :)