Dex:  11   Str:   8   Body:    8
Int:   7   Will:  9   Mind:    9
Infl:  9   Aura:  8   Spirit:  8
Initiative: 27  Hero Points:  52

Aura of Fear: 12
Dimension Travel: 7

Charisma: 5
Occultist: 8

Limitations: Power Restrictions: Dimension Travel only works between Earth and the Dream Dimension.

Advantages: Connection: Sandman (Low)

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance (teeth for eyes)

Alter Ego: None
Motivation: Psychopath
Occupation: Serial Killer
Wealth: 3

Butcher Knife [Body: 8, EV: 4]

Source: Magic Sourcebook, page 72

Ed's Notes: MAN, Vertigo had some messed up stuff in it back in the day! Mouths for eyes. That's fucking terrifying! IF Tim Hunter is DC Harry Potter, the Corinthian is kind of like their Freddy Krueger, I guess?  He's a nightmare made flesh. Literally. Let that sink in.

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