Dex:   6   Str:   3   Body:    5
Int:   5   Will:  9   Mind:    6
Infl:  7   Aura:  8   Spirit: 10
Initiative: 18  Hero Points:  70

Attraction/Repulsion: 4
Energy Blast: 8
Flash: 4
Flight: 4
Heat Vision 9
Suspension: 8
Warp: 8

Limitations: Except for Flight, only one Power can be used at a time.

Advantages: Connections: Batman (Low),  Outsiders (High)

Alter Ego: Gabrielle Doe, Violet Harper
Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: Student
Wealth: 4

Source: Adapted from 1st Edition Batman Sourcebook, page 27
affiliated with: Outsiders 

Ed's Notes: The other original member of the Outsiders (along with Black Lightning) who never got written up in 2nd or 3rd Edition.  This would be a great established character for someone to play over a longer series of campaigns. She has several low-rated powers that could stand to be bumped up a bit. Also, each power is tied to a specific color of the spectrum, except Flight, which is tied to ALL of them, and there is one color (Violet) for which no power has yet been established. So there is a ready-made slot for the character to put literally ANY power in that they want, without explanation, limited only by the Hero Points they have to spend. (And maybe a subplot, where they "discover" it.) So... a LOT of potential paths for the character to develop along. And just for the record, the Color/Power Associations are as follows:

Red: Heat Vision
Orange: Energy Blast
Yellow: Flash
Green: Suspension
Blue: Warp (Light Only?)
Indigo: Attraction/Repulsion
Violet: Unknown
White (all): Flight

I'm not sure if her Suspension Power could be used on others, and the 1st edition doesn't say it can be, but that would be pretty cool - another potential improvement that a PC could make to the character. Another potential subplot/complication, if the PC and GM wants to pursue it: Originally (Year One) She would have had Drawback: Miscellaneous: Is a complete amnesiac.  And if the PC's were to find a way to cure her of this she might regain the Power: Recall: 10, that she had as a child, representing her photographic memory. (I'm assuming a rating "10" which is 2 less than Batgirl's, which sounds right to me, but maybe the player can decide how many AP's they want to spend on it, if they want to play it that way. (The reward for the resolution of such a subplot could be enough Hero Points to pay the base cost and some AP's, and then the PC could add to those as they wish.)

One last thing... The 1st Edition write-up lists her Warp power as "Warp (Light Only)." And I don't know exactly what that means. The Warp power is essentially unchanged throughout all three editions, so... "light only?" WHY? How would that actually be USED then? If any has a sense of this from the comics, please let me know in the comments.


  1. Re: her blue aura- I have no idea what the writers at DC intended with Warp (Light Only) either. It should probably be the Illusion power, since in the comics she used it to create illusory duplicates of herself and other objects.

    1. And she could use her green "stasis beam" on others, and did so to great effect in plenty of fights. I'm not sure if Suspension can be used that way mechanically, so perhaps Mystic Freeze would be a closer fit to how it was actually used.

  2. The Warp power shifted her image away from herself. If this helps, the one time I recall her using this ability in the comics was when she gave herself functional invisibility while flying over water by shifting her image deep under water. APs in Warp would define how far away from her the image could be projected. No idea if she could control what the shifted image could do or if it would only mimic the actions she took.

  3. So, I just read "All About Halo's Auras" and this is the direct quote about her blue aura

    "My blue aura is one of my best! With my distortation aura, I can make it look like I am someplace I'm not, while my real self is invisible."

    "But that's not all! I can make things look like they're someplace else too!

    I'd call that Illusion and Invisibility,

    and then the Indigo Aura "It's my indigo aura, and it picks up stuff! I can lift a lot more with it than I can by myself, but the hevier the weight the shorter time I can carry it."

    Telekinesis, fatiguing?