Dex:   8    Str:   5  Body:    5
Int:   6    Will:  9  Mind:    7
Infl:  7    Aura:  5  Spirit:  8
Initiative: 25  Hero Points:  65

Acrobatics: 3
Detective: 6
Martial Artist: 8
medicine (First Aid): 6
Military Science: 9
Thief: 7
Vehicles: 7
Weaponry: 8

Advantages: U.S. Armed Forces (Home Front/High, European Theater/High); Iron Nerves; Lightning Reflexes; Rank (Captain); Sharp Eye

Drawbacks: Mistrust (Some allies leaders mistrust Gravedigger due to an incident in which he was brainwashed by the Nazis and because of their own racist proclivities); Strange Appearance (on one of his earliest missions, face was scarred by  tank tread)

Alter Ego: Ulysses Hazard
Motivation: Seeking Justice
Occupation: Soldier
Wealth: 5

Thompson Submachine Gun [Body: 4, AV: 5, EV: 5, Ammo: 5, Range: 5, R#: 3]

Grenades (x4) [Body: 6 Bomb: 8, R#: 2]

Source: World at War Sourcebook, page 103

Ed's Notes: Basically a bad-ass on the level of Frank Rick, with even slightly better stats. (Though... kinda shoddier gear, WTF is that about?) (Is it because he's black?) How big a badass? Well he has a scar from that time that a TANK RAN OVER HIS FACE. So there's that.

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