Nosferatu Squid

Nosferatu Squid
Dex:   1    Str:   1  Body:    2
Int:   1    Will:  1  Mind:    1
Infl:  1    Aura:  1  Spirit:  1
Initiative:  3                  

Vampirism: 9

Limitations: Automatically enters killing combat whenever it uses Vampirism Power.

Alter Ego: n/a
Motivation: n/a
Occupation: Biological Weapon
Wealth: n/a

Source: World at War Sourcebook, page 123

Ed's Notes: OK, so... One of these is only... kinda bad... but imagine thousands. Also, yeah... Couldn't find a comic-book picture of the Nosferatu Squid, so... Yeah... REAL Squid.


  1. Nosferatu were only mentioned in Unknown Soldier #268, October 1982, with plans by Adolf Hitler to drop them on soldiers invading Berlin. The Unknown Soldier executed Adolf Hitler, impersonated him, and ordered the destruction of the Nosferatu embryos.

    1. INTERESTING. (Also, the Unknown Soldeir killed Adolph Hitler?! I did not know that!) This is a weird one for Mayfair to included in the WaW Sourcebook then, but... I guess they are still useful in a potential caper.