Dex:   6   Str:   3   Body:    5
Int:   9   Will:  8   Mind:   10
Infl:  8   Aura:  6   Spirit:  6
Initiative: 25  Hero Points:  55

Force Field: 14
Mental Blast: 8
Telekinesis: 14

Charisma: 8
Martial Artist: 6
Vehicles: 6

Limitations: Miscellaneous: If any number of Powers is used for more than four consecutive phases, he must make an Action Check , using the AP's of the Power to be used during the current phase as the AV/EV and 11 as the OV/RV for each additional phase that any given power is used. Failure to obtain positive RAP's means that he may use no powers during this or the next two phases.

Advantages: Connections: Omega Men (High); Leadership

Drawbacks: Forced Exile (Euphorix, early in career only); Married

Alter Ego: Pren
Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: Omega Man
Wealth: 10

Source: Adapted from 1st Edition Green Lantern sourcebook, page 54

Ed's Notes: So... He may be missing a Power or two here. the ADCU entry for the "Typical Euphoran" includes the Powers: Magic Sense: 4 and Sorcery: 3. But the 1st Edition Entry says that he was born with Psionic Powers and that this made him an outcast. So I'm interpreting that as, "He didn't have the typical abilities of his people." I did give these to his wife, Kalista. I'm open for suggestions here if anyone knows this character better than I do. (IOW at all.)

Also, I suppose I could have just give his Powers Catastrophic Burnout, but the 1st edition went through a lot of trouble to spell out the Limitation, so I figured I'd just keep it. That said, it does seem a bit backward to me in terms of Gameplay though. Because the MORE power he uses the LESS likely it is to burnout. If that makes sense, use 11/11 as the AV/EV and the AP's or Powers being activated as the OV/RV. Or you could assume that positive RAP's means FAILURE, rather than success?  IDK. It just seems like CONSERVING his Power should be the incentive here, not using as much as possible. Lol

First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 #141 (June, 1981)

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