Class:     Physical    Link:        Dex
Range:     Self        Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 5           Factor Cost: 4     

Description: Flight allows a Character to move freely in any direction through air or space. (Most forms of Flight also allows travel underwater at the usual -2 AP speed penalty.) Flight by itself does not allow a Character to survive in outer space but does provide them with the ability to move through it.

The AP's of Flight are the AP's of distance that the Character can travel each phase.  IN addition, a Character may use the AP's of Flight as the OV against any Physical Attacks provided they perform no Dice Action during that phase.

AP's   Distance   Speed   
0      10 feet    1.7 mph
1      20 feet    3.4 mph
2      40 feet    6.8 mph
3      80 feet    13.6 mph
4      150 feet   25.6 mph
5      100 yards  51.1 mph
6      200 yards  102 mph
7      1/8 mile   113 mph
8      1/4 mile   225 mph
9      1/2 mile   450 mph
10     1 mile     900 mph, >Mach 1
11     2 miles    1800 mph
12     4 miles    3600 mph
13     8 miles    7200 mph
14     16 miles   14,400 mph
15     30 miles   27,000 mph
16     60 miles   54,000 mph
17     125 miles  112,500 mph
18     250 miles  225,000 mph
19     500 miles  500,000 mph
20     1000 miles 900,000 mph
...    ...        ...
30     ~1M miles  921M mph, >c

Additionally, AP's of flight can be substituted for the attacker's EV in a Charging Attack. This also serves as the EV used against the Character's Body (as RV) to determine how much damage they also sustain from the attack.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, pages 45 (Power), 94 (AP Benchmarks), 103 (Charging Attack)

Ed's Notes: Officially, there is no Benchmark Table in DCH for SPEED. Just distance. And time. And "1 phase" = "0 AP's of time" = 4 seconds. So one CAN give an approximate benchmark for speed based on THAT. (Which, I personally I find more interesting and relateable in MPH (since I live in 'Murika!) and Mach (and eventually c) than in "AP's of distance per 4 seconds!") There is one HUGE problem with the DCH Distance benchmarks, however. Remember that every AP increase of 1 should approximately DOUBLE the previous benchmark. The table above (from the 3rd Edition Rulebook) mostly, at least approximately, bears this out with one exception: the jump from 6 to 7. 6 AP's is 200 Yards, or 600 feet. 7 AP's is 1/8 of a mile, or roughly 220 yards (you know: 200 meters if you ever ran track) which is just 660 feet. This means that all of the information after 6/7 should really be bumped UP to the previous  AP, or the benchmarks below 7 should be cut in half. Yeah, this is kind of a big oversight, IMHO. And I checked the Blood of Heroes Special Edition Book, and it makes the same error. I do not, however, recommend trying to fix this in-game, as Power Ratings for various characters and gadgets were based on the table above, and would each require individual adjustments. Flawed as it is, it's best to leave it as it is, I believe.

Oh, and... WOW, it turns out the 32rd edition book has a second table in the back, on page 180, with different benchmark, which fixes the 6-to-7 problem, but merely by moving it to 9-10. (1 Mile is 1760 yards!) And this has the additional problem of moving Mach-1 (the speed of Sound) into the 9 AP Benchmark.

AP's   Distance   Speed   
0      10 feet    1.7 mph
1      20 feet    3.4 mph
2      40 feet    6.8 mph
3      80 feet    13.6 mph
4      150 feet   25.6 mph
5      100 yards  51.1 mph
6      200 yards  102 mph
7      416 yards  212 mph
8      833 yards  426 mph
9      1666 yards 852 mph, >Mach 1

10     1 mile     900 mph

IMHO, aside from just being inconsistent with information presented in the same book, this table is actually WORSE. This is very sloppy work by Mayfair!

One... House Rule adjustment that I would make to the Charging Attack, when using Powers like Flight: Instead of simply using the AP's of Flight to determine the damage a Character takes, use the lower of their AP of Flight and the target's Body. Because flying into Robin and flying into BIZARRO shouldn't do the same amount of damage! Likewise, flying into Bizarro at 50 mph and flying into Bizarro at Mach 1 should also not do the same amount of damage!

"If you're a Super Friend, being able to fly is like being able to break a graham cracker along the line."

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