Dex:  10   Str:  22   Body:   16
Int:   9   Will:  7   Mind:    X
Infl: 10   Aura: 12   Spirit: 10
Initiative: 31  Hero Points:  70

Powers: *Mystic Linked
Animal Control: 6*
Dispersal: 10*
Hypnosis: 6*
Invulnerability: 18*
Power Drain: 18*
Regeneration: 10*
Self Link (Fog): 79
Shape Change: 3*
Vampirism: 20

Charisma (Intimidation): 11
Martial Artist: 7

Bonuses: Miscellaneous: By using Power Drain, is able to use Power he drains at AP's equal to the RAP's earned during the Power Drain.

Limitations: Miscellaneous: Power Drain only works in conjunction with Vampirism; Miscellaneous: Shape Change is limited to a bat or a wolf; Miscellaneous: Dispersal only works while Self Link (Fog) is active.

Advantages: Connection: Mordu (High)

Drawbacks: Attack Vulnerability: -4 CS vs. Wooden Stakes; Fatal Vulnerability: Takes 1 points of Physical Killing Damage each phase he is exposed to direct sunlight; Miscellaneous: Holy symbols may be used to attack Bennett with an EV of 4, provided that the attacked truly believes in the symbol he is brandishing; Miscellaneous: Must use Vampirism once per week to survive; Serious Irrational Fear of Garlic

Alter Egonone

Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Vampire
Wealth: 8

Source: 2995 Legion of Superheroes Sourcebook, page 99

foe of: Legion of Superheroes

Ed's Notes: 30th Century Vampire who teams up with Mordru. Basically a 'roided up I...Vampire.

First Appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 4 #3 (January, 1990)


  1. Is he a vampire daxamite or something

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