Martial Artist

Martial Artist
Class:     Skill       Link:        Dex*
Range:     Self        Type:        Dice
Base Cost: 25          Factor Cost: 6     

Description: A Character with the Martial Artist Skill is extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat.  Not all Characters who possess this Skill are actually trained in the Oriental Martial Arts; some merely excel in hand-to-hand combat or possess a unique fighting prowess.

Possession of the Martial Artist Skill bestows two abilities on the Character:

  • The Martial Artist is allowed to permanently add two points (+2)to their Initiative score, an additional which reflects the Martial Artist's extreme physical and finely tuned presence.
  • The Martial Artist is allowed to substitute their AP's of Skill for either AV, EV, OV or RV when engaged in hand-to-hand combat. The Martial Artist may only substitute their AP's of Skill for one of these values each phase and must declare for which value (if any) they will substitute during the upcoming phase. Substitutions of this nature only affect hand-to-hand combat and attacks made with melee weapons (knives, swords, staves, etc...)
Example: A Martial Artist who had chosen to substitute AP's of Skill for their RV is attacked by an Energy Blast. Since this attack is neither hand-to-hand nor melee combat, they would defend with their normal RV, not with the AP's of Martial Artist. Similarly, if the Martial Artist was planning to fire and Energy Blast during the upcoming phase, they could not use their AP's of Skill as the AV or EV of the attack. 

Note: A Character substituting Martial Artist AP's for any value can only spend a number of Hero Points equal to their substituted Attribute value on the attempt. For Example, if the Batman (Str of 5 AP's and Martial Artist of 9 AP's) were to substitute his AP's of Martial Artist for his EV, he could only spend a maximum of 5 Hero Points on his EV, as this figure was the AP level of his substituted Attribute (Str.)

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 77

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