Dumb Luck

Dumb Luck
Class:     Mystical    Link:        Self
Range:     Self        Type:        Dice
Base Cost: 200         Factor Cost: 7     

Description: This Power allows a Character to invoke unknown Mystical forces which cause the Character to be exceptionally fortunate in their actions, the use of which is the game equivalent of rubbing a rabbit's foot.

To use Dumb Luck, a Character must make an Action Check against their own Mystical statistics. The AV/EV is the APO's of the Power, while the OV/RV is the Character's own Infl/Spirit. RAP's form this Action Check, if any, may be added to the Character's AV, EV, OV or EV the following phase (Player's choice.) This effect occurs regardless of the type of the Dice Action that follows (attack, defense, clue analysis, Perception, etc...)

The Dumb Luck Power may be used cumulatively, adding the RAP's from one Dumb Luck attempt to the AV or EV of another  attempt; however, should a Character ever fail such a cumulative roll, the RAP's gained to that point will be subtracted from  either the Character's AV, EV, OV or RV (GM option) for the following phase. 

Example: A Character with Dumb Luck of 8 AP's and an Infl/Spirit of 7/6 wished to "get lucky" on their next Energy Blast attack. The Character makes an Action check sing 8/8 (their AP's of Dumb Luck) as the AV/EV and 7/6 (their Infl/Spirit) as the OV/RV. The Character rolls a 13, which provide them with an additional 4 AP's to utilize on either AV or EV next phase.

Plastic Man has this Power

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 62

Ed's Notes: So... to clarify something, by the book you can not divide the RAP's between AV, EV, OV and RV. You have to pick just ONE. Perhaps a useful, standard bonus would be that the Character would be allowed to divide the RAP's as they wish.

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