Water Animation

Water Animation
Class:     Mystical    Link:        Aura
Range:     Normal      Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 25          Factor Cost: 8     

Description: This Power allows a Character to summon into existence an actual creature of living water who will follow the Character's instructions for a length of time (in AP's) equal to the Character's AP's of Water Animation. At the end of this time, the creature will disperse into normal water.

A Character using the Water Animation Power divides the AP's of Power into two numbers as desired. The first number serves as the water creature's Dex, Str and Body while the second number serves as the creature's Infl, Aura and Spirit against Mystical Attacks. Water creatures do not possess Mental Attributes and, as such, are immune to all Mental Attacks.

The water creature occupies a volumes equal to its AP's of Str and moves at a speed equal to it's Dex. In addition an animated water creature suffers a -2 Column Shift modifier to its RV against  cold- heat-based attacks.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 73

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