Mind Field

Mind Field
Class:     Mental      Link:        Will
Range:     Self        Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 20          Factor Cost: 4     

Description: This Power allows a Character to create a field of mental energy to protect themselves. When using this Power, a Character adds the AP's of Mind Field to their RV against Mental Attacks.

A Mind Field is spherical in form and is centered around the Character of origin. A field shelter may be generated at the same AP's of volume as the Power's AP's and protects any Character located within that volume from exterior Mental Attacks. No Mental Attacks with exterior targets may be made from within the field.

This Power can be purchased with a special -2 Factor Cost Limitation: Field protects Power User Only.

This Power can be purchased with a special Bonus: Can Attack Through Field. This Bonus allows Mental Attacks with exterior target to be made within the Field. It doubles the Base Cost of the Power (to 40) and adds +1 to the Factor Cost.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 59

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