Class:     Mental      Link:        Will
Range:     +7          Type:        Auto/Dice
Base Cost: 50          Factor Cost: 4        

Description: This Power allows a Character to instantaneously travel from one location to any other without passing through intervening space. Range for Teleportation refers to the maximum distance (in A's) though which a Character can travel in this manner.

The maximum weight which a Character may teleport equals the AP's of Teleportation. All objects of person to be teleported must be within 0 AP's (10 feet) of the Character, who may choose which objects/persons with the 0 AP radius to Teleport. No "partial" teleportations are possible; a Character must teleport all of a specific object or none of it.

A Character who does not wish to be Teleported may resist, which requires another Action Check the following phase by the Character with Teleportation. The AV/EV of this additional Check equal the AP's of Power, while the OV/RV equals the target's Int/Mind. Positive RAP's greater than or equal to the resisting Character's Mind indicate that they are automatically Teleported; otherwise, the Character remains where the are.

This power can be purchased with a special +1 Factor Cost Bonus: can Teleport Targets In Normal Range.

This power can be purchased with the following -1 Factor Cost Limitation: Range Is Normal rather than +7; Self Only.

Ambush Bug possesses this Power.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 64

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