Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mr. Mxyzptlk
Dex:  10   Str:   2   Body:   10
Int:   4   Will:  7   Mind:    9
Infl:  6   Aura:  3   Spirit:  7
Initiative: 20  Hero Points: 175

Air Walking: 15
Animate Image: 25
Animate Objects: 25
Dimension Travel: 12
Invisibility: 15
Matter Manipulation: 20
Omni-Power: 25
Teleportation: 25

Limitations:  Dimension Travel only allows Mxyzptlk to travel to Earth every 90 days.

Advantages: Area Knowledge (5th Dimension); Connection: Lex Luthor (Low)

Drawbacks: Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to gamesmanship: Every  time Mxyzptlk visits Earth he must establish some asurd condition for his return to the 5th dimension. When this is met he instantly return himself; Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to making mischief; Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to humiliating Superman

Alter Ego: (Untranslatable)
Motivation: Thrill Seeker
Occupation: Extradimensional Troublemaker
Wealth: 0

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 167; Who's Who, 3rd Edition
also see: 2nd edition

Ed's Notes:  2nd edition gave him Sorcery instead of Omni-Power, with a spirit of 19.  So I guess you could say they nerfed him a bit.  But then there are also things that they gave him, or increased, for the 3rd edition so... just different, I guess.

First Appearance: Superman #30 (September, 1944)

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  1. Giving Mxy magic made so much more sense, with supermans loss vulnerability to magic it forced him to play by Mxy's rules. With this version he would just fight him normal like.