The Source

The Source
Dex:  75   Str:  75   Body:   75
Int:  75   Will: 75   Mind:   75
Infl: 75   Aura: 75   Spirit: 75
Initiative: 225 Hero Points: 500

Omni-Power: 50
Precognition: 75
Recall: 100

Advantages: Leadership

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition;

Ed's Notes: Not sure I understand the Dex of 75, I mean... It's a WALL. (Or it's a energy Field.) But... OK?


  1. One would ask why it has any physical stats at all

    1. I could see a BODY. I guess. Maybe. And I could MAYBE see a Dex? Like... If it's an energy, then having an OV that represents it being highly dispersed? (On the other hand... WALL?!) But a STR?! Yeah: How would it LIFT THINGS?! Lol. Also... BIG FUCKING WALL! That REALLY has an OV of 75?! IT'S A BIG FUCKING WALL! YUGE! Yet, no "growth + always on" to bring that OV down to 0? Yeah, this is a weird one, to be sure.

  2. I see your point about the Dex. But another way to look at the Dex is from the point of views that it is extremely difficult to damage. As far as it not having growth because of its size is also reasonable. In the game a lot of items that are large don't have growth such as large animals like elephants, whales and dinosaurs. Also many large structures and vehicles like tanks,battleships, spaceships, buildings and mountains don't have growth. They don't change size and would not really need to have the growth power to explain its appearance. All so the source Wall is still a barrier with intelligence. That why I think they did not write it up with the growth powers. Its a great source of power and knowledge and extremely hard to damage or disrupt justifying its high stats. Plus the description of the source was not included in the write up which would have answered many questions about it.