Dex:   6   Str:   4   Body:    5
Int:   5   Will:  5   Mind:    4
Infl:  5   Aura:  4   Spirit:  6
Initiative: 16  Hero Points:  75

Gadgetry: 7
Scientist: 7

Advantages: Area Knowledge (New York City); Connections: Justice Society of America (High); Genius; Scholar (Chemistry)

Drawbacks: Serious Irrational Attraction to Miraclo; Secret Identity

Alter Ego: Rex Tyler
Motivation: Upholding the Good
Occupation: Chemist
Wealth: 5

MIRACLO PILLS [Str: 8, Body: 9, Running: 7, R#: 3] Limitations: The effects of Miraclo last fro only one hour, and the user must wait another hour between doses; Long term use causes user to develop a Serious Irrational Attraction to the drug.

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition; 2nd Edition Background/Roster Book, page 35; World at War Sourcebook, page 56

Ed's Notes: Hey kids! TAKE DRUGS! That will make you a SUPERHERO! Well... This guy was written before steroids took over professional sports.  The 2nd Edition Background/Roster Book also gives him a Connection to Infinity Inc. (High). Which... kind of makes sense, since his kid, Rick Tyler (Hourman II) is a member. But Rex was a JSA man, and never part on Infinity Inc., so... makes more sense to omit it, IMHO.  The BG/R Book also gives him 90 Hero Points, but WaW gives him the same 75 as the 3rd Edition Who's Who. So... it's 75. Finally the 2nd Edition Miraclo Pills grant Str: 9.

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