Dex:   6   Str:   3   Body:    4
Int:   7   Will:  4   Mind:    3
Infl:  4   Aura:  3   Spirit:  3
Initiative: 19  Hero Points:  35

Acrobatics: 7
Gadgetry: 8

Advantages: Gift of Gab; Lightning Reflexes; Scholar (gags and pranks, special effects)

Drawbacks: Serious Irrational Attraction to tricks and pranks

Alter Ego: James Jesse
Motivation: Thrill Seeker
Occupation: Criminal
Wealth: 4

AIR WALKER SHOES [Body: 3, Air Walking: 10, R#: 2] Use in combats grants +1 OV Column shift bonus against grappling and takeaway attacks

Exploding Rubber Chicken [Body: 3, EV: 5, Bomb: 6, R#: 4] Note: The Bomb power can be used intentionally, but will also activate with a failed Reliability Check.

Razor Rings (x5) [Body: 6, EV: 7, Gliding: 3] Limitation: Killing Combat

7 AP ACD Gag Omni-Gadgets (x2)

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition 
Foe of: Flash

Ed's Notes: One of his favorite MO's is altering existing gadgets for the purpose of a prank. Per the Gadgetry Skill, use his Gadgetry as the AV/EV against the OV/RV of the AP's of powers to be added, with a +2 CS bonus because it's a modification of an existing gadget.

This guy could be fun to run, but without a lot of prep, I'd imagine would be pretty easy to take down.


  1. I have been reading your entries for a while now and I enjoy both your takes on the characters and your ED's Notes. Thanks for the good work.


    1. That's a cool looking blog you've got yourself there as well! I look forward to checking it out in greater detail. THANKS!