Abgenazar, Rath & Ghast

Abgenazar, Rath & Ghast
Dex:   7    Str:  13  Body:   16
Int:   9    Will: 10  Mind:   12
Infl: 11    Aura: 15  Spirit: 13
Initiative: 27  Hero Points:  85

Powers: *Mystic Link
Animate Object: 16*
Awareness: 8
Energy Blast: 15*
Matter Manipulation: 18*
Magic Sense: 8
Sorcery: 22

Occultist: 10

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Hell); Connections: Felix Faust (Low), Hell (Low), Wotan (Low); Iron Nerves; Scholar (demon lore)

Alter Ego: None
Motivation: Nihilist(s)
Occupation: Predead Demons
Wealth: n/a

Silver Wheel of Nyorlath [Body: 25, Spitir: 25, Dimension Travel: 65] 
Green Bell of Uthool [Body: 25, Spitir: 25, Dimension Travel: 65]
Red Jar of Calythos [Body: 25, Spirit: 25, Dimension Travel: 65]
* These are magical talismans that allow the demons to return to earth, when used in the appropriate ritual [Dimension Travel 15, Casting Time: 7, Cost: 6, Hero Points: 680] - see Who's Who entry for more information.

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition; Justice League Sourcebook, page 83, Magic Sourcebook, page 93

also see: Rath and Gast (2 of the 3)

Ed's Notes: Wow. I can see why Faust wanted to bind these guys. Dang.  Still... 
Powers augmented by Demons... Sounds like there should be a lesson in there somewhere!

The Justice League Source Book rates their Matter Manipulation at 8 and their Magic Sense at 18. I believe that's in error, as the magic sourcebook matches the Who's Who.  The JL Sourcebook is the only one one that give Stats (shown above) for the Talismans.

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