Brother Blood

Brother Blood
Dex:   6    Str: 5/9  Body:  6/8
Int:   9    Will: 16  Mind:   12
Infl: 13    Aura: 15  Spirit: 11
Initiative: 30  Hero Points: 110

Invulnerability: 9

Charisma: 16
Martial Artist: 7
Weaponry: 7

Limitations: Must bathe in the pool of blood under his Zandian church once per year to maintain his Invulnerability.

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Zandia); Connections: Church of Blood (High), Zandia (High); Connoisseur; Leadership; Popularity; Scholar (religion)

Drawbacks: Authority Figure; Miscellaneous: Str and Body grow as he gains more followers and can reach 9 and 8 respectively.

Alter Ego: Unknown
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Religious Leader
Wealth: 18

ARMOR [Body: 7, Energy Blast: 10, R#: 2]

Source: 2nd Edition  Background/Roster Book, page 76; New Titans Sourcebook, page 115
foe of: Titans
also see: Bethany SnowMother MayhemMooks

Ed's Notes: Due to his following, and the fact that he wields some semblance of legitimate power, this could be an interesting challenger for a team similar to Titans. (Or just for the Titans!) H.I.V.E. will eventually get its own page, for the various foot soldiers and other mooks he commands.

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