Dex:   5    Str:   5  Body:    9
Int:  20    Will: 25  Mind:   30
Infl: 25    Aura: 35  Spirit: 30
Initiative: 46  Hero Points: 300

Awareness: 16
Diminsion Travel: 30
Sorcery: 50

Skills: Occultist: 20

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Dreaming); Connections: The Endless (High), Hell (Low), Earth's Mystical Community (Low); Iron Nerves; Endless Existence: Cannot be killed or knocked unconscious by Physical Damage. If he is "killed" in this manner, her body disperses and she can form a new one the following Phase.

Drawbacks: Authority Figure; Loss Vulnerability: Outside of the Dream Dimension, loses 5 AP's from all three Mystical Attributes (20/30/25) and 15 AP's of Sorcery (to 35.)

Alter Ego: Morpheus, Dream, Oneiros, Oneiromancer, Lord Shaper, Kai'dkul, L'Zoril, innumerable others...
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: King of the Dream Dimension
Wealth: n/a

HELMET [Boyd: 16] This is the Sandman's official badge of office and with it he can visit other mystical realms with impunity as an official envoy.

Pouch of Sleep Dust [Body: 16, Hypnosis: 35, Magic Sense: 20] Bonus: Anyone put to sleep with the Dust's hypnosis power is instantly transported to The Dreaming; Limitation: Hypnosis can only be used to put target to sleep.

Ruby [Body: 6, Spirit: 22, Sorcery: 25] Note: While in possession of the Ruby, the uses Spirit is 22 for the purpose of determining Mystical Bashing Damage by the use of the Ruby's Sorcery Power.  When he creates the Ruby, Sandman's Sorcery is lowered to 25 (15 out of the Dreaming) until it is destroyed.

Source: Who's Who, 3rd Edition

Also see: 2nd Edition

Ed's Notes: After saying a few superlatives about the Phantom Stranger, I immediately do an entry for THIS guy. Who... Yeah, kinda holds up.

Not to be confused with the Sandman from the Justice Society of America, Wesley Dodds

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