Dex:   3    Str:   2  Body:    3
Int:   5    Will:  4  Mind:    4
Infl:  6    Aura:  5  Spirit:  4
Initiative: 14  Hero Points:  40

Transmutation: 10

Charisma: 6
Thief: 4

Limitations: Range of Transmutation is 3 feet. Transmuted objects return to normal after 7 AP's of time.

Advantages: Connections: Fearsome Five (High); Iron Nerves

Alter Ego: Selinda
Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Criminal
Wealth: 4

2nd Edition  Background/Roster Book, page 81; New Titans Sourcebook, page 104
Foe of: Titans

Ed's Notes: As long as she's defended, and has a chance to go to town with her Transmutation Power, she can be an invaluable asset to the F5.  Once toe-to-toe, however, most of the Titans can take he out in one phase. (Good thing she has Mammoth!)

The BG/R Book leaves off the TIME Limitation of her Transmutation Power.

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