Big Sir

Big Sir
Dex:   4    Str:  15  Body:   13
Int:   2    Will:  2  Mind:    3
Infl:  2    Aura:  1  Spirit:  5
Initiative:  8  Hero Points:  45

Advantages: Connection: Major Disaster (High); Scholar (counting cards)

Drawbacks: Serious Rage; Innocent; Miscellaneous: Big Sir is quite stupid 

Alter Ego: Dufus P. Ratchett
Motivation: Blissful Ignorance
Occupation: Idiot
Wealth: 0

HELMET [Body: 7, Int: 1, Mind: 1]

MACE [Str: 10, Body: 11, Energy Blast: 13, Flight: 7]

Justice League Sourcebook, page 99
foe of: Justice League International
affiliation: Injustice League

Ed's Notes: Every team needs some muscle. Big... DUMB... Muscle...

Again, yet another Character with a weapon and no Weaponry Skill!  If you don't assume he has a Weaponry Skill of at least 4, then using the Mace like a Mace would be a 4/10 attack with a +2 CS OV/RV Penalty! Aside from being a HUGE idiot, WHY? Why would you do that when you can attack with a 13/13 Energy Blast?! Also, am I reading that right? Does his Helmet make him DUMBER?! What... What the heck is it FOR?! WHY?! I'd joke, "To protect his head," BUT HIS HEAD IS STICKING RIGHT THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!!

Still obviously a fun and potentially hilarious character to use.

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  1. I think tat the helmet provided a constant stream of "mental static" to make Big Sir more tractable...