Dex:  12   Str:   8   Body:   10
Int:  11   Will: 12   Mind:   12
Infl: 13   Aura: 14   Spirit: 13
Initiative: 17  Hero Points:  56

Powers: *Mystic Link
Chameleon: 8*
Sorcery: 18

Charisma: 7

Advantages: Attractive; Connections: Hell (Low)

Drawbacks: Minor Irrational Attraction to causing buffering

Alter Ego: None
Motivation: Nihilist
Occupation: Minor Demon
Wealth: 0

Source: Magic Sourcebook, page 109

foe of: Spectre, Deadman

Ed's Notes: This is a demon born from the essences of Earth's mass murderers to work the will of Hell on Earth.  His form is mutable (hence the picture above, though he may not have actually appeared as ANY of them, he could) and he can appear as male or female as he wishes.

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