Dex:   7   Str:   7   Body:    7
Int:   4   Will:  6   Mind:    4
Infl:  3   Aura:  3   Spirit:  5
Initiative: 16  Hero Points:  35

Claws: 8
Flight: 11

Martial Artist: 8
Military Science: 7
Weaponry: 8

Advantages: Iron Nerves

Drawbacks: Strange Appearance; Uncertainty

Alter Ego: Israel Harel
Motivation: Unwanted Power
Occupation: Reluctant Villain
Wealth: ?

Source: New Titans Sourcebook, page 123
foe of: Titans
affiliated with: Hybrid

Ed's Notes: Interesting character, from an interested team that can be re-interpreted several different ways.  I have a feeling this sentiment is going to apply to every member of The Hybrid, so please don't be surprised if this note is cut-n-pasted several times almost exactly. Lol.  And depending on what the GM decides to do with these guys, Steve Dayton/Mento can possible have ROYALLY screwed up in creating them.  He's not considered a "Villain" per se, but could easily become a rather dangerous one, if the PC's hold him responsible for whatever the members of Hybrid do, and decide to try and take him in.  Could make for a pretty cool campaign!

Also... Not a one of them has any Wealth rating listed in the NT Sourcebook.  Is it "0?" Is THAT why they took to crime?! Lol.

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