General J.E.B. Stuart

General J.E.B. Stuart
Dex:  12    Str:  16  Body:   16
Int:  11    Will: 10  Mind:   11
Infl: 11    Aura: 13  Spirit: 17
Initiative: 34  Hero Points: 100

Growth: 12
Invisibility: 16
Mind Probe: 13
Precognition: 15
Self Link (Spirit Travel): 18

Animal Handling: 9
Detective: 11
Military Science: 13
Weaponry: 9

Limitations: Miscellaneous: Can only make himself visible to Jeb Stuart and soldiers who are dying; Power Restrictions: Growth if always on and only serves to make the General as larger target; Growth Bonus to his Str and Body are already reflected in the General's Attributes; Stuart's Self Link (Spirit Travel) is always on; Miscellaneous: General Stuart can only render himself corporeal fir a single phase as a time, and even then cannot directly attack one of Jeb's enemies (he might, for instance, slam a mountain and cause a rock slide that prevents Nazi tanks from chasing Jeb, but he cannot smash the tanks themselves); Becoming corporeal costs Stuart 15 Hero Points; although his invisibility make it difficult to envision, he can be harmed by normal weapons whole temporarily assuming corporeal form.

Advantages: Leadership; Sharp Eye

Alter Ego: James Ewell Brown Stuart
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Ghost
Wealth: n/a

Source: World at War Sourcebook, page 104

affiliations: Haunted Tank

Ed's Notes: The Ghost of a Confederate General that haunts the Haunted Tank.

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