Arcane, Original Human Body

Arcane, Original Human Body
Dex:   4    Str:   3  Body:  3/7
Int:  12    Will:  9  Mind:    7
Infl: 10    Aura: 13  Spirit: 10
Initiative: 26  Hero Points:  75


Invulnerability: 13

Gadgetry: 12
Medicine: 12
Occultist: 13
Scientist: 13

Advantages: Connections: Nazi Germany (High); Iron Nerves; Leadership; Scholar (magical artifacts, surgery)

Drawbacks: Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to revenge on Swamp Thing and Abby Cable

Alter Ego: Anton Arcane

Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Mad Scientist, Occultist
Wealth: 11

UN-MEN [Dex: 4, Str: 6, Body: 6, Int: 3, Will: 2, Mind: 2, Infl: 3, Aura: 2, Spirit: 2] Note: Although free-willed and intelligent, will always follow Arcane's orders blindly.

MYSTIC MIRROR [Body: 6, Remote Sensing: 25]

INSECT CRAFT [Body: 11, Flight: 10, Flame Project: 10]

Arcane Tomes (Includes many rituals, including one frequently used that mimics Personality Transfer: 16)

Source: Swamp Thing Sourcebook, page 23

Foe of: Swamp Thing
also see: Patchwork Man, Patchwork Body, Insect Body

Ed's Notes: Was apparently not in this form for much of the story, since it's almost impossible to find a picture of him. He is Swamp Thing's arch nemesis, an old, immortal ex-Nazi Mad Scientist. He created the Patchwork Man from his brother, Gregori. Also created the Un-Men and several mutated bodies for himself.  Back in Germany, prior to 1944, his Body was only rated at 3.

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