Dex:   8   Str:   5   Body:    6
Int:  10   Will: 10   Mind:   10
Infl:  9   Aura:  8   Spirit:  9
Initiative: 29  Hero Points: 100

Skills: *linked
Acrobatics: 8*
Charisma (Intimidation, Interrogation): 9*
Detective (Clue Analysis): 10*
Gadgetry: 6
Martial Artist: 8*
Military Science: 10*
Thief (Escape Artist, Security Systems, Stealth):  8
Weaponry: 8

Bonuses: Physically Linked skills increase with Venom use.

Limitations: Mentally Linked skills decrease with Venom use.

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Gotham City); Buddies (Bird, Trogg & Zombie); Connections: Gotham City Underworld (High); Iron Nerves; Leadership; Sharp Eye

Drawbacks: Minor Physical Restriction: Venom Addiction. Bane Requires low doses of Venom for his body to function normally. +2 CS to OV/RV to all dice action if he is deprived of Venom. (He is eventually cured of this.); Serious Irrational Attraction to Destroying Batman

Alter Ego: Antonio Diego
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: Renegade
Wealth: 5

VENOM DISPENSER [BODY 03] Any damage to the dispenser will cut off Bane's supply of Venom. Hitting the Dispenser or the Tubing in the back of his head is considered a Difficult Trick Shot. (
+2 CS to OV/RV). The dispenser keeps a small dose of Venom in his system but, when activated, will bestow the additional benefits listed below.

VENOM [Power Reserve: 6, Mind Over Matter 2, Regeneration: 1] Limitations: Regeneration represents a 1-time recovery check that is used when the dosage of Venom is first increased. Power Reserve can only be used to add 2 AP's to each Physical Attribute, and Decreases Int by the same amount. This continues until the dosage is dialed back down. Drawbacks: Miscellaneous: Long term usage results in dependency as described above. Treatment is similar to that of Velocity-9 addiction, but with a +2 CS to OV/RV if the Doctor treating is not familiar with Venom.  This for of Venom must be injected or taken intravenously to be effective. Bestows Minor Rage during use.

Tactical Radio Headset [Body: 1, Radio Communications: 6, R#2]

Source: Original write-up, based on Oocities Archives, Writeups (#1), Writeups (#3); also Knightfall, Vengence of Bane #2, Contagion

Ed's Notes: I've been holding off on doing this one for awhile. After reading some other writeups for the character (links above) I've come up with my own version. A lot of people seem to want to MAX OUT his Physical Attributes. But that isn't right. Most of THAT comes from Venom. Of the drug, a healthy and rested Batman can beat him hand-to-hand. But... He's not slow or lumbering either - he beat the KGBeast in Combat without it, although the Beast was without either his left hand or his weaponized prosthetic at the time. So I feel that a 10/7/8 physical set, with 10 for Acrobatics and Martial Artist to go along with it is pretty fair for the 'Roided up version, while at 8/5/6 he can still beat all but the most finely honed human fighters. And he becomes pretty helpless without it, as evidenced by the curb-stomp he was handing Jean-Paul Valley (as Batman II) turning into a curb-stomp of BANE by JP almost immediately after cutting through the supply tubes. I also feel that this adequately represents what happened to the Riddler when, in the run up to Knightfall, Bane injected him with some and he was suddenly able to almost hold his own against Batman. His Gadgetry Skill was so he could build, repair and modify his Dispenser, and Detective was how he figured out Bruce Wayne was Batman, merely from comparing how the two moved. So I'm mainly using Knightfall, Vengeance of Bane #2 and Contagion as my reference points from the comic. Those are early on, but I feel like that was the version of the Character I'd most want to use.

First Appearance: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January, 1993)

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