Dial "H" for Hero II, Year One

Dial "H" for Hero II Year One
Dex:   3   Str:   2   Body:    2
Int:   3   Will:  2   Mind:    3
Infl:  3   Aura:  3   Spirit:  3
Initiative:  9  Hero Points:  15

Advantages: Connections: New Teen Titans (Low), Fairfax Junior High (Low)

Drawbacks:  Age (14); Secret Identity

Alter Ego: Christopher King
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: High School Student
Wealth: 2

H-Dial [Body: 12, Mystic Link (Omni-Power): 12] Note: Dial only displays the letters H, E, R and O; Bonuses: If the user has designed or seen a design for a particular super-hero, he will be transformed into that hero if Positive RAP's are gained on an Action Check using Omni-Power against the  user's Infl/Spirit. Otherwise he becomes a random hero as usual. Chris's Dial glows to alert him when Vicki is using her dial; Limitations: Omni-Power can only be used to transform into a Character generated with 450 Hero Points, according to the rules in the Character Handbook (pages 3-10.) The resulting character with exist for one hour (10 AP's of time), retains the memories, AP's of Wealth and Advantages (not calculated in the new character's generation cost) and will have a number of Hero Points equal to the remainder left over form their generation. After that hour is up, the hero will revert back into his original form and cannot use the dial again for another hour; Miscellaneous: If the user dials H-O-R-R-O-R or O-R-E-H, rather than H-E-R-O, he will be transformed into a super-villain rather than a super-hero (choose appropriate villainous Motivation when generating the character) and will be stuck in this form until coerced into dialing "R-O-R-R-O-H." Chris's H-Dial is a wristwatch while in his normal form.

Source: Atlas of the DC Universe, pages 26-27
also see: Dial "H" for Hero IDial "H" for Hero IIDial "H" for Hero III, year one

Ed's Notes: OK, so the ADCU contains an entry which is very different from the one in the 3rd Edition Who's Who, and appears to be based on the character earlier in their career. (In the 3rd Edition, the Dial's Power has been internalized and is the character's own Power.) A little messy on the way the H-Dial is explained. I've copied the entry word for word, but I'm confused...

To become a specific hero, he makes an action check of Omni-Power, 12/12 against HIS OWN Infl/Sprint or 3/3? How the hell often will THAT fail?! (About 6% of the time.) So... Why not just turn into SUPERMAN 94% of the time?! I would think that the check should be made against the TARGET HERO'S Infl/Spirit, which would make that a lot harder. (Would need three shifts.) OR... does that still run up against the 450 HP limitations and so he couldn't do that any way? I think so, and that's how I'd play it, but if you get a player with a  penchant for loophole abuse? IDK... not 100% clear. Lol. I would also think that Chris's OWN Hero Points could be used in alternate form, in addition to the ones he got from character generation, which would obviously be burned first,m since he'll lose them anyway. But, again, not clear. though I would allow it.

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