Mary Marvel

Mary Marvel   
Dex:  14   Str:  20   Body:   14
Int:   5   Will: 10   Mind:    6
Infl:  4   Aura:  6   Spirit:  7
Initiative: 38  Hero Points:  70

Flight: 14
Invulnerability: 18
Superspeed: 13
Systematic Antidote: 10

Advantages: Connection: Captain Marvel (High), Insta-Change; Lightning Reflexes

Drawbacks: Alter Ego (Controllable); Secret Identity

Alter Ego: Mary Bromfield

Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Student
Wealth: 2

Source: Adapted from Writeups.org3rd Edition Rulebook, page 161; Justice League Sourcebook, page 35; 2nd Edition Background/Roster Book page 42
also see: Captain Marvel JuniorCaptain Marvel

Ed's Notes: These stats are a bit different from those in Writeups, mainly beucase I'm using the Power Set from 3rd Edition Captain Marvel. (So no Lightning. Obviously these characters could stand to be updated, but I'm sticking to the published material as much as possible.) And for her attributes, basically if Cap-M had a higher rating than Billy-B, then I assume it's related to the Powers of Shazam and thus Mary benefits from the same rating. (She pretty much she only keeps only her Int of 5.) Basically, in addition to the same Powers, she gets Dex: 14, Str: 20, Body: 14, Will: 10, Mind +3 AP's, Infl +1 AP, Aura +3 AP's and Spirit: 7.

Writeups includes a bit about how the Powers are reduced when more than one member of the Marvel family use the Powers of Shazam. I'll be honest: I don't know if this is cannon or not. BUT... DCH does not include anything about this. Possibly because Cap was the only one ever written up, BUT... So was Black Adam. Wouldn't THEY split the Powers (lose 1 AP from... everything) as well? So... I didn't miss that, I'm intentionally leaving it out.

First Appearance: Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (December, 1942)


  1. I believe you are correct about the fact that the members of the Marvel Family share the power. If you you read the New 52 Shazam that is how it is presented. Plus in The DC Comics Encyclopedia The Definitive Guide to the Characters of the DC Universe All-New Edition it states this in his write up copy write 2016 page 270-272.

    1. Which makes sense. And maybe Mayfair would have acknowledged that if they ever statted up Mary or Junior. (Although the didn't with Black Adam... Does HE share the same power too?) Or is this a NEWER development with the character?

    2. Black Adam did receive his powers from the wizard Shazam. But he is empowered by Egyptian gods. So Black Adam does not share the same power source that the Captain Marvel family does. If you look ate the Mayfair 3rd edition game where they describe all of the attributes. In the strength attribute chart it states that Superman, Heracles and Atlas are in the 25-27 AP range. Specifically Superman at 25 APs. Would you not consider Captain Marvel at full power to have a strength of 25 APs? There have been many stories where they are essentially physically equals in the strength department. But Superman is an adult and is much more experienced and is the living example that all heroes look to.

  2. In part the Marvel family stats are based on belief, they are magic and are thus focused by how strongly the character believes in them (This is established in the Power of Shazam annual featuring Cece Beck as Thunder).

    I had a question about a character never written up (anywhere as far as I can tell), whose powers are related to those of the Marvel family. The Character is Dana Dearden (Obsession). Does anyone have a good stat set for her? She has the Strength of Hercules, the Speed of Mercury, the Lightning of Zeus, and the Vision of Heimdall.

    1. AlanDG2 Obsession gets her powers from magical coins. She is not related to the Marvel Family. The only similarity is that her powers are associated with the gods you mentioned. She is part of the Superman storyline written after the Mayfair DC rpg was out of print. If you wish to use stats for her it would seem like they would be identical to Captain Marvel's expect for the vision power. Reference The Adventures of Superman # 532-535, 538 574.