Water Freedom

Water Freedom
Class:     Physical    Link:        Dex
Range:     Self        Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 5           Factor Cost: 3     

Description: This Power allows a Character to move through water and other fluids as easily as the average human moves through air. A Character with Water Freedom does not suffer any underwater combat penalties (see page 105.)

While submerged, a Character with this Power can breathe freely and may substitute their AP's of Water Freedom for Dex (recalculate initiative score.)

Aquaman has this Power.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, pages 51 

Ed's Notes: Here is the relevant information on Page 105:

E. Underwater

When Characters are taking parts in an underwater adventure, the following rules should be applied. However, the Water Freedom Power negates all underwater penalties except for thrown items.

  •  Add +1 Column Shift to the right on any Dice Action's Resistance Value involving movement. This also applies to Knockback.
  • Subtract 2 form all movement rates except Swimming
  • Submerging to a great depth will harm Characters. Each AP of Depth over 5 causes the descending Character to suffer a Physical Attack with the AP's of depth as the AV/EV and the Characters Str/Body as the OV/RV. This is automatically a Killing Combat attack. A new attack is made every time the Character descends an additional one AP of depth.
  • Subtract 5 from the initiative score of each Character that is underwater.
  • A Character may hold their breath for 5 AP's of time (two minutes.) If they stay underwater beyond this time, the Character must make an Action Check using his Str/Str as the AV/EV and his Body/Body as the OV/RV. Hero Points may be spent on both the Av and EV. Any Positive RAP's, up to a maximum of 5 are the AP's of time that the Character may remain underwater before having to return to the surface. If the Character does not receive any RAP's (of if they cannot reach air in thew time they gained,) they will take 1 AP of Physical Killing Damage per minute (4 AP's) until they reach 0 Body and fall unconscious. After this point, the drowning Character will take 1 point of Damage every phase until they die.
  • Water is not always clear. Normal vision underwater in 5 AP's (300 feet.) For every 2 AP's of Depth, 1 AP is subtracted from the normal range of vision due to darkness. At the GM's discretion, vision my be also be impaired by mud or dirt suspended in the water.
  • Items which are not continually propelled, such as thrown rocks or arrows, have a Range that is 2 AP's shorter that normal when fired through water. Thus a Character with a Str of 11 who could normally hurl a stone weighting 4 AP's a distance of 7 AP's (11-4=7) may only throw the same stone 5 AP's of distance underwater (11-4-2=5.)
  • All attacks made using powers or Skills underwater suffer a +2 Column Shift penalty to the OV, The GM may rule that some Powers are inoperative underwater, or they may use the Universal Modifier Table to determine any further penalties when performing Actions underwater.
  • If a Character has Running or Superspeed of 12 AP's or greater, they may run across the surface of water as if it were solid.
In short, -2 to movement, -2 to Range, -5 to Initiative, +2 CS Penalty to the OV in Combat. Plus the drowning and crushing depth. Aquaman wouldn't seem so useless on an underwater adventure. Just sayin'.

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