Red Hood

Red Hood
Dex:   8   Str:   4   Body:    5
Int:   8   Will:  8   Mind:    7
Infl:  8   Aura:  6   Spirit:  6
Initiative: 26  Hero Points:  50

Skills: *linked
Acrobatics: 8*
Charisma: 7
Detective: 6
Gadgetry: 7
Martial Artist: 8*
Military Science: 7
Medicine (First Aid): 5
Thief: 8*
Weaponry: 8*

Advantages: Area Knowledge (Gotham City); Connections: Batman (Low), Talia (Low), Street (High); Intensive Training; Rich Friend (Talia); Scholar (French, German, Italian and Russian Languages); Sharp Eye

Drawbacks: Secret Identity; Minor Irrational Hatred of Criminals; Serious Irrational Hatred of the Joker; Minor Rage; Mistrust

Alter Ego: Jason Todd

Motivation: Seeking Justice
Occupation: Vigilante
Wealth: 6


RED HOOD [Body: 6, Bomb: 6, Lightning: 5, Radio Communications: 8, Sealed Systems: 8, Shade: 6, Thermal Vision: 8, Artist (Actor): 13] Limitations: Lightning has no range; Artist (Actor) acts as the RV/OV to identify Jason's voice; Bomb has Area Effect of 3 APs and only affects someone who attempts to remove it against Red Hood’s will.

RED HOOD OUTFIT [Body: 7, Flame Immunity: 3] 

Automatic Pistols (x2) [Body: 4, EV: 5, Range: 5, Ammo: 7, R#: 2]

Submachine Gun [Body: 4, AV: 5, EV: 5, Range: 5, Ammo: 4, R#: 2]

Shoulder Fired RPG [Body: 2, Bomb: 8, Range: 8, Ammo: 1, R#: 2] Limitation: Can only be used once.

Kris Dagger [Body: 8, EV: 4]

Taser [Body: 4, Lightning: 4, Range: 2, R#2]

Smoke Pellets (x8) [Body: 1, Fog: 7]

Grenades (x2) [Body: 2, Bomb: 8, R# 2] 

7 AP ABCD Omni Gadgets (x2)

Source: Original, but heavily adapted from Mark Compton's writeup, with a touch of thrown in.

also see: Robin II

Ed's Notes: The Red Hood is one of the cooler newer-ish Character in DC of late, IMHO. Basically, Ra's al Ghul used his Lazarus Pit to resurrect Jason Todd, and train him up in the intervening years into a deadly assassin, on par with Batman and Nightwing, physically and skill-wise. The only issue with including him in a game is that for him to have any impact, the game is clearly taking place well AFTER the death of Jason Todd. If you prefer to world build, starting out and writing your own history, as I would, then it will be a while before you could introduce him. But... damn, what an impact that could have!

The write-up above was based mostly of off my friend, Mark Compton's (linked to above.) I changed a few things, tweaked some stats to be more in line with where I thought Jason might be, based on how Dick progress from Robing the Boy Wonder to Nightwing, keeping in mind that Dick was already trained up a bit when he started, while Jason wasn't. I removed one or two things that I believe came from Blood of Heroes, and tweaked the Weapons to be more in line with those on page 123 of the 3rd edition Rulebook. Finally, I ADDED some weapons (and tweaked some others) based on the entry and what I could observe form some snippets of the Under the Red Hood animated movie.

Thanks a ton to Mark, and be sure to check out his blog!

First Appearance: Batman: Under the Red Hood (February, 2005)

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