Class:     Mental      Link:        Will
Range:     Self        Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 10          Factor Cost: 6     

Description: This Power allows a Character to disperse their atoms to become intangible to the point of being able to pass through solid objects. Each AP of Dispersal engaged by the user has the following effects:

  • One AP is added th the Character's OV/RV against Physical Attacks.
  • One AP is subtracted from the Character's Str (to a minimum of 0 AP's) and weight.

In addition, a Character with AP's of Dispersal greater than the or equal to the Body of an object may freely pass through the object, meeting with no resistance whatsoever.

A Character with Dispersal may use it as a Physical Attack by putting their hand inside their target and the partially solidifying. This attack is dangerous to both attacker and defender; both suffer attacks with AV/EV's equal to the attacker's Dex/AP's of Power. the OV/RV for the attacker is their Body/Body, while the defender's is their Dex/Body. The only Powers that will aid either Characters against this attack are Density Increase and Dispersal, which will add to their AP's to the OV and RV against this check.

Dispersal makes a Character harder to spot with Radar Sense and Sonar. In order to locate a Dispersed Character with one of these Powers, a Perception Check must be made with the AP's of sense as the EV/EV and the AP's of Dispersal as the OV/RV.

If two Dispersed Characters attack each other, only the Character with the higher AP's of Dispersal recieves any modifier to his Str and RV. The Modifier is equal to their AP's of Dispersal minus the other Character's AP's of Dispersal. If both Characters have the same AP's, they treat each other as though neither of them has any Dispersal.

This Power may be purchased iwtha  special +1 Factor cost Bonus: Partial Dispersal Allowed. This Bonus allow the Character to  solidify parts of their body while keeping the rest Dispersed. When partially Dispersed, the character does not lose any pints from their Str score, and get to keep the RV bonus. However, the solid parts of their body may be targeted with a  Trick Shot, the number of Column Shifts varying depending on how much of the body is solid (G<'s discretion.)

Phase of L.E.G.I.O.N. has this Power with the special Bonus.

Source: 3rd Edition Rulebook, page 54

Ed's Notes: For the record, I HATE this Power. Lol... Well... At least I hate in the hands of PC when I'm GM'ing or in Villains when I'm playing. I personally LOVE having it at my disposal. Lol. Because if your stat's are otherwise even halfway decent, this can make you nearly uninhabitable and invulnerable, even at lower ratings - especially if you have an attack power - ANY attack power - other than Str. Which... honestly is kinda dumb. Here's how I would see it changed:

1) Any time "RV" is mentioned above by itself, it should say "OV/RV." That's doesn't relate to what I just said, it's just necessary cleanup, IMHO.

2) Rather that just losing Str, the same number of AP's should be subtracted from the AP's of any Physical (or physically manifesting) Attack originating from the Character. (Energy Blast, Heat Vision, etc...) And honestly, given the concentration involved, they really shouldn't be able to use really complicated Mental Powers (like Matter Manipulation) either. (Yes, I got burned letting someone play Firestorm once. Sue me.)

3) Not sure why the Str reduction in limited to 0 AP's 0 AP's of weight is still 25 pounds. And negative AP's are a thing. So I'd let it go negative.

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