Electrical Being

Electric Being
Class:     Physical    Link:        Str
Range:     Self        Type:        Auto
Base Cost: 10          Factor Cost: 6     

Description: This Power allows a Character to create and cover themself with a sheet of electricity while sustaining no damage. This electrical covering will crackle along the surface for as long as the Character with Electric Being desires (through the expenditure of of an Automatic Action each successive phase) or until they fall unconscious. 

Any electricity-based attack against a Character with an active Electric Being Power is made with the Character's AP's of the Power added to their RV. Conversely, the Character's RV receives a -2 Column Shift penalty against conductive attacks such as Water Control, rubber, or grounded metal cables.

Anyone touched by (or touching) a Character with an activated Electric Being Power (including combat made in hand-to-hand combat) incurs a Physical Attack with AV/EV's equal to the AP's of Electric Being; this special attack form does not count as Action for the Electric Being Character. The AP's of Electric Being may also be substituted for a Character's Str as the EV of any hand-to-hand attacks.

Source: Blood of Heroes Special Edition, page 70

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